… jesus… This is just… amazing ^w^ Such an awesome piece of work XDKotetsu is such a cool guy~


… jesus… This is just… amazing ^w^ Such an awesome piece of work XD

Kotetsu is such a cool guy~





[野良神 - Noragami]
夜卜(Yato) : Lenneth XVII x MAKO
[Noragami : PART-1]

Waaaaaai—! So this begins a 4-part (I think w) collage of my “Past” Yato shoot. It’s the first time I’ve brought together some friends who so kindly came to be my “extras” ///// The reason why I took so long to prepare for this shoot was due to mostly their wardrobe preparation, and making sure they had a weapon to wield. I’m sorry if it may not look very traditionally-correct, but I tried.. ;w; Hope you’ll like it! 

Photo: Muze’s photography and cosplay
Stand-in actors: Ryu, Kaya, Ricky 
Helpers: Ted, Lauren, Jerry, Davey, and Anne!
Fake blood was kindly made by Kelton.!


And when I drink it, I pretend I share it with you.

There was this tiny tiny headcanon that Marco has southamerican-rioplatense (coughes argentine/paraguayan/uruguayan whichever- What they’re drinking is Mate, common in those places) roots from his mom’s side I wanted to try out…. aaand then i broke myself

and my hand

click to see better please ;3;!

sorry for the messy style i’ve been drawing non stop for too many hours and this turned out a mess to the point i couldn’t even draw lines properly MY HAND HURTS SO BAD

Making a ruffly [cupcake shaped] petticoat + skirt


Circle skirt tutorialRuffle/Gathering Tutorial & Info

^important stuff

[almost] finished project! image

-This will not work with very flimsy materials (such as chiffon, jersey, costume satin etc.) you need fabric with at least some natural stiffness

-These get pretty heavy so they…